Promoting the Beauty of Keelung in Taiwan to Korea

The Keelung City Government is expected to promote Keelung tourism at L.A.D. Seoul on June 17, 2023, intending to showcase the splendid scenery of Keelung mountains and seas, such as Chaojing Park, Wangyou Valley, and Chengbin Fishing Harbor Colorful Houses, to the Korean people. The promotion team will also prepare Korean language promotion materials so that the Korean people can get to know more about Keelung. Eventgoers will also be invited to join "Keelung Tourism Facebook Page" to receive an adorable and practical wood pulp cotton souvenir featuring the imagery of Keelung's local food.

In recent years, the Keelung city government has been actively promoting tourism to the Korean market, hoping to introduce Keelung, a mountainous harbor city with the best cruise ship homeport in Asia, to the Korean public and let them know about Keelung's rich tourism resources and splendid nature, such as the Waimushan Seaside Scenic Area, which was selected as one of the "Top 10 Attractive Waters" in Taiwan, and the Heping Island Park, which is rated as one of the 21 most beautiful sunrise scenes in the world, etc. What's more, for Korean foodies who love Taiwanese food, a visit to Keelung's Miaokou Night Market can practically cover almost all of Taiwan's classic culinary delights, offering a rich travel experience for those who visit Keelung, Taiwan.

Therefore, in addition to the on-site activities on June 17, the Keelung City Government is also actively participating in Korean tourism exchange and other promotional activities, hoping to let the Korean people get to know Keelung and become familiar with the city. The Keelung City Government also warmly welcomes Korean tourists to visit Keelung and explore this charming city full of pleasant surprises.

Photo: Chengbin Fishing Harbor Colorful Houses