London Top 5 Street Markets

London Top 5 Street Markets

While some tourists who visit the British capital flee to Harrods to do their shopping for their holidays, it is in London's street markets where the magic happens. Surrounded by music, lights, decorations, dance performances and food from all over the world, you can have the time of your life when you shop in London street markets.

Knickknacks, clothes, vintage items, electronic devices, you name it, there is nothing you can't find in one of these thematic markets. Whether you are a hipster at heart or a music freak, there's a London market for you.

Brick Lane Market

As you walk down Brick Lane, you come across different food stalls offering dishes from all over the world, pastries, juices and even a piña colada. Once you have tried one of these delights, you can start shopping for vintage fashion, one of the most exclusive you can find in London.

Then head to the underground stalls where you'll come across a variety of handicrafts, clothing, high-tech items like hipster vintage cameras, rock memorabilia and a large variety of knickknacks.

All markets sell similar clothing as they all buy from wholesales in Whitechapel, but tourists enjoy buying them as the prices range from 10 to 18, although you can get some good promotions and discounts like 2 dresses for £15.

Keep an eye for last-minute offers, you might find original Converse for £25 or second-hand camera accessories for £5.

Ranging from soul to pop and folk, you might catch a glimpse of a few street performances.

Camden Market

London's most famous market, Camden Market is also the city's fourth-most popular visitor attraction with over 100,000 visitors each weekend.

From bric-a-brac, clothing and crafts, every punk at heart or music freak will find here what they are looking for. Take in the ambience of the market, buy some snazzy clothes, or visit the famous food market where you can have a meal sitting on a motorcycle.

Portobello Road

Every weekend Portobello Market brings Notting Hill to life. From hip stores, craftsmanship and art in general, Portobello Market is a great market to shop. This market is also the ideal place to buy exclusive antiques and bric-a-brac items with specialist dealers and countless gorgeous stalls along Notting Hill.

Borough Market

While every London market offers food stalls, when it comes to quality ingredients, variety of dishes and original flavor, Borough Market has no rival.

As you browse through the market, you'll find a medley of choices for lunch, including paella, wraps, burgers, falafel, hot dogs and even oysters. Then you can head to the other stalls for dessert, where you can find cookies, sweets, cakes and pastries.

If you are looking for specific ingredients, there are some stalls offering worldwide products like fresh cheese, meat and wine.

Old Spitafields Market

Steeped in History, the market was built in 1876 in the Victoria era but has operated on the site since the 1600s. Like the other markets, here you can find popular fashion, vintage clothing, arts and crafts, plus knickknacks. However, if you are looking for vintage objects like old cameras or record players, this is the place to visit. There are also acrylic and brushes for the artists who visit the market.