Cruise Ships for Each Age group

Cruise Ships for Each Age group

There is no doubt that depending on the age, you need different needs. For instance, children need a playground area or activities suited for their ages, babies need a nursery, adults have different interest and it can vary greatly, but then seniors might need a more chilled program. Follow this list to find the cruise that better suits your age group of the age group of the people you are travelling with, for instance, your children.

Best line for for families with tweens and teens: Royal Caribbean International

The best cruise shop for families with Tweens or Teens is Royal Caribbean International. Varying from ship to ship, the line offers rock-climbing walls, zip-lines, ice- and inline-skating, surf simulators, boxing rings, and basketball and volleyball courts.

The line has different youth programs that targets either tweens or teens. They treat the underage customers like mini-adults pampering them with sophisticated facilities, including spa treatments designed especially for the pimping generation and their adolescent needs; DJ lessons, teens-only casino nights, backstage tours and no-adults-allowed lounges where they can dance, drink mocktails and socialise.

Best for Families with Small Children: Disney Cruise Line

From entertainment and dining to childcare, Disney knows what parents and small children need on vacation. The line provides nurseries for little sailors up to 3 years old. It also provides a water play area for babies. As expected, the cruise ships offers events featuring its signature characters the likes of Mickey, Goofy, Cinderella and others who play with youngsters. Its play areas are themed after popular Disney and Pixar movies with plenty of high-tech games and interactive programming.

Best for Mature Cruisers: Holland America Line

An elegant mid-size line, Holland America has traditionally drawn seniors by prioritizing the classic cruising experience over partying and adrenaline-filled activities. Some of the more tranquil pleasures this line offers include the Culinary Arts Center (which focuses on cooking demos, tastings and shoreside market tours led by top chefs), self-guided art tours of the onboard collections, and Explorations Cafe (which houses a library and hosts visiting lectures who speak on art, history and other topics. The activities offered are also designed for the more mature crowd, such as golf, yoga and tennis, which don't require a 21-year-old's physique. Innovative additions to the entertainment repertoire are designed to please this age sector. For instance, HAL has introduced “Dancing with the Stars” ballroom dancing events, a B.B. King's Blues Club and dinner event featuring menus by culinary stars.

Best for Singles: River Cruises

If you want to travel solo, you might want to refrain from taking the typical ocean voyage and opting instead for a river cruise. Whether in Europe, the U.S. or Asia, riverboats tend to be small with open-seating dining at large tables and included group tours, which encourage a group spirit. Many lines offer low or no solo supplement deals on certain sailings; for instance a no single supplement on all European river cruises.