The Fastest Passenger Planes in the Skies

The Fastest Passenger Planes in the Skies

On December 17th, 1903, history was made- in that year, the Wright brothers flew the first plane amid thunderous applause and much excitement. Interestingly, the first documented flight lasted only 12 seconds- it covered a mere 37 metres, doing an impressive 50 km per hour speed. Much has since happened in the world of planes and flights. As some might remember, sometimes back, certain passenger planes pierced across the sky, cruising at twice the speed of sound.

Years later, during the famous space race, at the height of the Cold War, other exciting things happened; interestingly, the great rivalry between the Eastern and Western powers created another race-each side wanted to outdo the other in designing the fastest passenger plane in the world. This happened during the time some call the "peak of the supersonic era."

Today, however, the cruising speeds of most passenger jets average at a little over 1,000 km per hour. Nevertheless, researchers working at one of the world's leading airlines expect things to be fascinating by 2050; they suggest that many passenger planes will be able to cover the distance between London and New York inonly two hours. Consider these top examples of the world's fastest aircraft in 2022:

TU-144: There's some argument about which supersonic commercial aircraft should be classified as the fastest. However, there seems to be agreement about the Soviet-built TU-144's ranking as the fastest plane of its kind. Many put this aircraft significantly ahead of the fancied Concorde. Many also consider the TU-144 as ranking ahead of its British-French sister model.

The TU-144 first flew out in 1968 on New Year's Eve. This was just months before the Western version flew cruised out. The Soviet plane cruised at a remarkable top speed of Mach 2.299(or 2,430km per hour); it, however, averaged at Mach 1.6. But the TU-144's glory was ultimately short-lived.

Thus, in 1978, the TU-144 was retired from passenger service. This happened only a year after Aeroflot inaugurated its first passenger flight. By that time, TU- 144 had only done 55 passenger flights. Unfortunately, the TU-144 had also been involved in several fatal accidents during this time. The first accident occurred during the famous Paris Air Show in 1973- the cause of the accident was never determined. Another accident occurred in Russia during a 1978 test flight. It was traced to a ruptured fuel line. As a result of the flaw that caused the fatal accident, the authorities declared the aircraft unsafe for use in passenger travel.

BA Concorde: Like many other British Airways Concorde model, the BA Concorde is set to become a veritable museum piece that will keep attracting many visiting tourists. However, the BA Concorde has remained active for a long time after its inception. It served as a Buran Space Shuttle Pilots training aircraft. It was also used as NASA's research aircraft, especially in radiological and high altitude conditions. Eventually, in June 1999 the TU-144 made its final flight.

The British French Concorde, the BA Concorde's supersonic rival, enjoyed a much longer lifespan while serving as a commercial passenger plane. The aircraft version made its first passenger flight in January 1976. At that time, it made a top speed, cruising at Mach 2.04 (2,180 km per hour).The aircraft slid off the passenger service in 2003. This was after the Concorde had had a fatal accident three years earlier (in 2000); at that time, the fleet's Air France ( flight 4590) had crashed soon after taking off from Charles de Gaulle airport.

Lufthansa 747-8i: Pundits recognize this model of the Lufthansa as the fastest passenger plane that remains in active service. The two supersonic Lufthansa aircraft, which were once available for passenger service, are no longer in use. Interestingly, the fastest aircraft (of the pair) crashed off the service after a relatively short stint in the air.

Boeing 747-8i (the 747-8 Intercontinental): Boeing 747-8i, also known as the 747-8 Intercontinental, is the fastest passenger aircraft in service. The Queen of the Skies cruises at a maximum speed of Mach 0.86. But, having a ride aboard the glorified Queen may not be possible for many. Why? Only a few select airlines own the coveted aircraft: Air China, Lufthansa, and Korean Air. However, the 747-8 Intercontinental has a sibling- the 747-400; cruising at Mach 0.855, the latter ranks as the second-fastest passenger plane in service.

Excellent Destinations for Family Holidays

Excellent Destinations for Family Holidays

Things have really changed in Australia these days. Indeed, even family holidays are no longer the same. Happily, the change mentioned here is positive. Things have become better. These days, an entire family can share in the enjoyment of new experiences abroad without hassles. Rather than leave the children at some kids club or with grandparents at home, nowadays parents can travel along with their children abroad without a problem. Indeed

there are more health checks we'll need to deal with due to COVID but that will pass and things will get back to a new normal

at some stage.

Tim Winkworth is the product manager of the Intrepid Family Travel Company. He says that the company has progressively experienced a 60% increase in Australian family trips every year. He says that many families have discovered the new secret. Now, instead of taking the children to huddle in some faraway children's club, more and more families are deciding to travel along with their children on holiday. The result is an enhanced travel experience. Family members end up enjoying themselves much more when they travel together.

Tim says that, this is becoming a common trend for most families. Tim's ideas are supported by many experts. For example, Caroline Makepiece, who is a travel blogger, admits that those who do this get the opportunity to marvel at the world's natural wonders together, as a family. She says that families don't want to experience these thrills through a mere quick snap that says they once visited some place. Instead, families love to take their time to absorb the whole experience, one step at a time.

So that you won't miss out on any of these fantastic experiences, consider using some useful, tried, suggestions to enhance your holiday travel with the whole family. Here are some suggested destinations:

California, USA

While in this large US state, visit the Sequoia National Park and Yellowstone. Sequioa happens to be among the most famous US National parks. With its high-rise trees and easy access, this is one of the hottest favorites for most American families. Yellowstone, on its part, is the best camping place in the US. It is a real joy for toddlers and adults. Yellowstone has an enchanting 300 geysers. This is America's most famous geyser. It is as reliable as the name suggests. The Yellowstone geyser usually erupts 17 times in a day. It is unlikely that you will miss one of these exciting eruptions. You just need to sign up for the Junior Ranger programme. The programme has guides for children who are older than 4. It offers visitors a wonderful way to navigate the park together.


India is one of the most desirable destinations for family holidays. The gigantic country has an interesting heritage, ranging from beautiful wildlife, a unique culinary richness and a most interesting culture. While visiting, you may use the services of the Experience Travel Group. This group specializes in the organization of tailor-made holidays specifically aimed at for the Asian continent. You can get much -needed guidance from this respected travel agent. The consultants are UK-based and knowledgeable about their field of work. Indeed, many members serving in the agency have extensive travel experience in the targeted countries. The consultants can give you the best advice relating to the best destinations to travel with the family. They are specialists in the art of crafting the perfect Indian holiday which affords visitors opportunity to engage positively with locals.


You can go for an action-packed holiday in sunny Dubai. Visiting here, one of the most exciting perks is that you are guaranteed to enjoy the sun throughout the duration of your visit. With such a warm weather, the entire family can enjoy Dubai's multiple-themed parks. One of the best experiences comes when you visit the water parks. You will find that these are scatted all over. Your thrill-seeking children will certainly be joyfully blown off-so to speak- with the beautiful exciting park experience. Parents who love thrilling action will come in for a real treat. Think about this for a moment: Legoland's water park features a gallon- wave- pool of approximately half- a -million. The Dragon roller-coaster found here is made to operate with speeds of a maximum 60 km per hour. After you are done with the extensive roller-coasters and the thrilling slides you can chill out next to the beautiful pools and even sunbathe most of the day if that is what you want.

Costa Rica

The country of Costa-Rica has a rich variety of adventures centered on her wildlife. Everything seems to be crammed into one small geographical space. You can enjoy a highly interesting and most exciting holiday with the whole family in Costa- Rica. Visiting Costa Rica, you will discover that a holiday here is tailored to cater for the entire family. The needs and wants of everyone- from the children to adults- are well catered for. The adults can always crane into the sloths canopy, enjoying the monkeys and macaws. Your children will be kept busy exploring the poison-arrow frogs and a host of other bizarre mini- beasts. They can always do this while at ground level. If you want more excitement, you can go zip-lining or river-rafting. You are even free to steam and relax in the volcano slopes' natural hot springs any day.