Poison Ivy and Oak Are Thriving in 2023

Poison ivy and oak, the notorious plants that have long plagued outdoor enthusiasts, are growing faster and larger than ever. Why? Give thanks to a super-soaked spring. In addition, rising carbon dioxide levels in the atmosphere act as a natural fertilizer. This was shown in a 6-year study at Duke University. It revealed a direct correlation between the increasing levels of CO2 in the air and the flourishing growth of poison ivy and poison oak.

But what does this mean for those who venture into nature? It means we must exercise extra caution to avoid the wrath of these insidious plants. The allergic reaction caused by contact with the oily resin, urushiol, can turn a peaceful hike into a blistering nightmare.

To prevent the spread of this rash-causing oil, it is crucial to remove it from the skin as soon as possible. Moreover, be ultra aware of secondary contamination. Urushiol can stay active on surfaces for years, leading to unexpected rashes when touching items that have been in contact with the plant.

The poison oak and ivy experts behind Tecnu have your back, however. Tecnu Detox Wipes are generously sized poison ivy wipes that can be used immediately after exposure to the plant. They remove the noxious toxins before the rash has even started. You can also use them on equipment, like your shoes or mountain bike, to prevent secondary contamination.

But what about your entire body? The first step in poison ivy treatment for your entire body is Tecnu Original Outdoor Skin Cleanser. It's the original product for poison plant contact dermatitis. Tecnu Original breaks the bond urushiol has with skin, so it can be washed off.

Our furry friends can unwittingly become carriers of this itchy menace. Although it doesn't affect their health, urushiol can cling to their fur, waiting to transfer its uncomfortable consequences to unsuspecting pet owners. Tecnu Original and Tecnu Detox Wipes are both effective methods of removing the oil from your pet's fur.