Cons of Travel Agents vs Online Booking

Cons of Travel Agents vs Online Booking

While travel agents may a variety of discounts, special rates, insider information and travel offers, they also work on a commission-based salary with no guarantees of success and a high rate of failure.

Although travel agents sometimes save you money with deals, you are most likely to get a better price when you book online yourself. If your agent only looks at the industry reservation system, the best airline fares may not even be visible.

Travel Agents Charge a Fee

Agents often charge fees to book an airline tickets. Some charge more than $250 to plan an international vacation.

Unlike booking online, if you go to a travel agent, you'll be paying an extra fee. Whereas using a travel agents has many advantages, this is one of the biggest drawbacks. For instance, when booking an international flight with an agent, you be charged a ridiculous amount extra that can amount to a couple of hundred dollars. The fee totally varies from one travel agent to the other, so beware when you book anything. Spending more money for the convenience is up to you, but budget travelling is your priority, you are better booking your own flight.

Travel Agents Work on Commission

Since travel provides often pay agents on commission and this might be percentage of the fare, your agent isn't really motivated to get you a low price. Although travel agents might be able to get incredible deals from travel providers, they may not necessarily be willing to give them to you. The truth of the matter is that many agents work on commission. That means that the more you spend on your trip, the more they make. That's why it is pivotal you find a travel agent that you can trust. Ask around to family and friends and get some recommendations. That way you'll be sure you are using a travel agent that puts your interests first.

If you book online directly through airlines, cruise companies or other providers, you don't have to wait for the travel office to open. Online agencies such as Expedia or Orbitz allow you to compare multiple airlines on one site, but unfortunately, some airlines are taking their business off the third-party sites. Obviously, this trend is going to affect the travellers and the time they spend online searching for a deal as they'll have to check multiple websites instead of one.

Regardless of the pros and cons of using a travel agent, what it all comes down to is how comfortable you are with booking your own trip. Do you need the help of a professional to save you time, to assist you with tips, information about visas, vaccines, tours, transportation, accommodation and so on of the place you don't know about? It also depends on how complicated your trip itinerary is.

Even if you are a veteran when it comes to booking online, perhaps this time you need help getting a room when your destination is packed or your don't know the regulations of a particular country. It also depends on how much work you are willing to put in yourself and your budgetary concerns. You need to consider what suits you best and that will help you make a decision.