Northern Hemisphere Summer Deals

Northern Hemisphere Summer Deals

If you need some ideas for budget destinations during the Northern summer, here are the cheapest cities to visit when the sun comes out. Although some of these cities are not particularly warm during the Northern summer months, they may offer other attractions such as culture, arts and culinary delights, plus they offer good deals during the months of June, July and August.

Boston, Denver and Seattle top the list as the cities offering the best travel deals. This is due to the robust competition among low cost carriers including Frontier, JetBlue, Spirit and more. For all history lovers, Boston will sweep you off your feet. Denver (cheerleader photo) is opens the gate to discover the Old (and new) West, while Seattle is a combination of sophistication, scenery and great nightlife. Even though it might be rainy all-year round, let's not forget that Seattle was the birthplace for the music genre Grunge and it enjoys a vibrant underground music scene.

Chicago and Washington, DC are other cheap destinations also due to the increased airline competition. If you are willing to ditch the beach, the capital of the USA will impress you with its monuments and museums. Perhaps not as history-submerged as Washington DC, but just as interesting, Chicago is always a fun a destination. There you can enjoy attractions such as the Navy Pier on Lake Michigan and gorge on the deep-dish pizza.

Dublin is Europe's best kept secret when it comes to budget holidays. In fact, the Irish capital has been of the cheapest cities of Europe for years. Immerse yourself in the city's many charms, hop in a rental car to visit castles and countryside. You can also use Dublin as your jumping-off point for the rest of Europe with cheap flights and discounters like EasyJet, Ryanair and more.

There have been some amazing deals to two Scandinavian cities - Oslo and Stockholm - thanks to European low cost carriers like Wow Air and Norwegian Air Shuttle.

Cancun and Costa Rica also make the list tanks to the robust competition between JetBlue and Southwest. If you are looking for sunny paradisiac beaches, this is the place to visit.

Paris is the cheapest of the Big Three (the others being London and Rome) to fly from the US. Regardless of the coast, seeing the Eiffel Tower or The Louvre and to walk along the Seine are worth it.

Airline prices to Vancouver have been going down. Therefore, this is your opportunity to visit this glittering British Columbia city and enjoy its unique charms like lots of outdoorsy fun amidst glorious scenery plus elegant and electric dining and club scenes.