Bucket list ideas for a Family Holiday

Bucket list ideas for a Family Holiday

Family holidays are not what they used to be in Australia. They are better. Now it's the time of the whole family sharing together a new experience abroad. Parents take their kids with them when they go on holidays instead of leaving them at the kids' club or with their grandparents.

Intrepid Travel family product manager Tim Winkworth has seen a 60% increase in family trips taken by Australians each year. “Instead of going away and sticking them (the children) in the kids club, they're getting together and having shared experiences as a family,” he says.

“For us, it's all about marvelling at the natural wonders of the world,” says travel blogger Caroline Makepeace from Y Travel Blog. “And we don't want to experience it through a quick ‘I was here' snap. We like to spend time absorbing it.”

So you don't miss out on any experience, here are a list of must-do experiences for you and your family:

California: Yellowstone and Sequoia National Parks

With its sky-scraping trees and easy access, Sequoia is one of the favourite American National Parks for families. A trip to Yellowstone - the best place to camp in the US - is a delight for both toddlers and adults, with its 300 enchanting geysers. The most famous geyser - Old Faithful (in photo) - is as reliable as its name states since it erupts 17 times a day, so you won't miss it. Join the Junior Ranger programme - with guides for children aged over 4 - is a great way to navigate the park together.

A cultural odyssey: India

With its interesting culture, wildlife and culinary richness, India is the perfect destination for families. If you need some guidance when it comes to touring the country, Experience Travel Group specialises in tailor-made holidays to Asia. This UK-based travel consultants are well-informed about the areas they cover as they have lived or travelled extensively throughout the country, so you will get the best advice on which destinations are best for your family, crafting an Indian holiday with opportunities to engage with local people.

Action-packed holidays in sunny Dubai

One of the perks of Dubai is that the sun is guaranteed. With that weather, the whole family will be able to enjoy the multiple theme parks - specially water parks - scattered around. Besides, these parks will blow thrill-seeking children away as well as their action-loving parents: Legoland's water park features a half-million-gallon wave pool, and Legoland's Dragon roller coaster is designed to reach speeds of 60km per hour. After an exhausting of roller coasters and slides, you can chill out by the pool and sunbathe the next day.

A jungle safari: Costa Rica

With a rich variety of wildlife adventures all crammed into a small geographically space, Costa Rica offers an exciting and interesting holiday package for the whole family. This beautiful Latin American country caters for the children and parents alike. While adults might crane into the canopy for sloths, monkeys and macaws, children will be exploring at ground level for poison-arrow frogs and other bizarre mini beasts. If you are looking for more excitement, you can also go zip-lining and river-rafting. However, you can also relax and steam in the natural hot springs of the volcano slopes.